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About the Trust


The Boys’ Brigade Northern Regional Trust is charity CC33116 registered with New Zealand Charities Services, and its officers, documents and Annual Reports are publicly available on their website   Trustees are appointed by the Executive of The Boys’ Brigade in New Zealand Inc.  and operate under the rules and conditions of the Trust’s own Deed.

Trustees and their portfolios are:

Ian Bogue                                    Chairman

Bevan Brown                              Secretary

Andrew Cutler                            Property – Michael Stead Memorial Lodge

Richard Edlington                     Grant applications

Owen Goodwin                          Investment

Todd Harper                                Publicity/Technology

Graeme Johansen                     Property – Nigel Hanlon Hut


Profiles of Trustees are on the last page of each annual report.

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Trustee Ward Fischer MNZM JP MNZIM MCILT, who died on 15 November 2018. Ward lived in Hamilton, had been a Trustee for over 25 years and held the Investments Portfolio. Ward was a key person in The Boys’ Brigade in Hamilton, starting and running the 4th Hamilton Company and serving as President of the Waikato Battalion and its own Trust. Ward had also served on the National Executive and led National Leadership Development Courses for NCOs and young leaders for many years. In private life Ward had been a Police Road Safety Officer who wrote many of the resources still used in road safety education for children in New Zealand. He was a member of the congregation of Waikato’s Anglican Cathedral. Ward made a substantial bequest to the Trust in his will.

Ross McCarthy, a Trustee for many years, with the MSML portfolio responsibility, resigned in August 2018 to move with his family to China. Ross is an airline pilot. He was also Captain of the 32nd Auckland Company at Howick Baptist Church for many years and now lives in Gisborne. Andrew Cutler, also from Howick, agreed to replace Ross, and he and his wife Marie are now caring for Michael Stead Memorial Lodge.

Bruce Sai Louie also resigned in 2018 to devote more of his time to the care of his elderly mother. Bruce was well-known to many as a former Field Officer and National Secretary/Director, active also in the 2nd Auckland Company at Greenlane Presbyterian Church, as Boy, NCO, Officer and Captain.

We welcomed Owen Goodwin as a new Trustee in 2018. Owen was in BB in Christchurch, then in Birkenhead, in the 18th Auckland Company. He played very active roles for a number of years in Auckland and North Shore BB affairs. Owen is an active Justice of the Peace who organises the Glenfield JP Helpdesk. He is also a very good hockey umpire.

Richard Edlington joined the Trust in 2019. He was formerly a Boy, NCO, Officer and Captain of the 38th Auckland Company at Blockhouse Bay Baptist Church and works for Air New Zealand.

Todd Harper was appointed to the Trust by BBNZ Executive on 26 March 2021.

See the Trust’s latest Annual Report:   Annual Report 2019      Annual Report 2020       BBNRT signed FINSTATS 2021

Trust objectives

  • The Trust is charged with managing its assets “to further the ongoing work of the Brigade in the Northern Region” as detailed in the deed.
  • The Brigade exists to enhance the spiritual, mental, social and physical development of Boys and young men

DoE Gold 1st Howick

Three recent Queen’s Badge recipients.

Selwyn Beeston – an original Trustee and secretary for some years. Selwyn and his wife Veronica were active members of the Stedfast Park Committee for many years, up to the time the Park was eventually sold.